Endowment Fund

The creation of the American Association of University Women Northville-Novi Endowment Fund of Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan was established October 2012 with a base of $30,000 made possible by members who helped make our vision come true because of our hard work and support of fund-raising events like Home Tour, Tipping Point Theatre and Delightful Dining.

AAUW-NN was awarded non-profit 501[c] [3] status effective March 1, 2010, without which it would not have been possible to establish an endowment. We are one of the few AAUW branches in the nation with such status.

Our Endowment Fund Vision

Provide steady and sustainable funds for Mission driven activity of AAUW-NN for decades to come.

When contributing to the endowment fund, enter 'Northville' in the organization name box and then choose 'American Association of University Women Northville-Novi Branch Inc.' from the list.

Email info@aauwnn.org with any questions or request for details.